MLSD urges Saudi citizens and expats to verify legality of recruitment agencies via Musaned

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has called upon Saudi citizens and expatriates who wish to recruit male and female domestic workers to check the legality of recruitment offices and companies via the Musaned website (

Khaled Abalkhail, spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, emphasized that the ministry will take strict and penal measures against fake recruitment agencies that are engaged in promoting domestic helpers via various channels including mobile app, social media and other means.

Abalkhail clarified that some media falls prey to recruitment ads which are posted by fraudsters, unlicensed agencies or middlemen without knowing that such ads are infringing with related regulations and stipulations.

The ministry have been monitoring such deceptive ads as they aim to exploit Saudi citizens and take advantage of their dire needs to acquire domestic helpers, in addition to conducting inspection visits on those agencies to ensure their compliance to the recruitment regulations in the Kingdom, the spokesman added

The recorded cases are thus forwarded to the Ministry of Culture and Information-affiliated legal committees to take necessary measures against them in accordance with the Law of Printed Materials and Publication, he said as well.

Abalkhail pointed out that the website also allows users to review a list of recruitment offices and companies operating under licences as well as go through a number of available nationalities, jobs as  listed recruitment expenses, besides they can be aware of  the duration set for domestic workers' arrival.  

The ministry is keen to protect the rights of labor parties involved in recruitment process as well as serve the interests of stakeholders, Abalkhail confirmed with urging them to report any violation relating to the recruitment of domestic workers through the ministry's multiple channels.

Saudi citizens can submit complaints through either visiting the Musaned website, calling the uniform customer service No. (19911) or showing up at the nearest branch of the ministry that can be found in different regions of the Kingdom.