MLSD warns citizens against misleading ads of domestic workers

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has alerted citizens against falling prey to bogus ads that promote the illegal trade of domestic workers and selling their visas on mass media. These ads are posted by individuals or entities not working under licenses.

The ministry emphasized that it would spare no effort to detect these misleading advertisements and forward their accounts and names to the Directorate of General Security and legal committees of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Afterwards, the legal agencies are assigned to take legal action against those who violate the domestic recruitment laws in the light of the Law of Printed Materials and Publication as well.

The ministry called upon mass media of all forms to abide by the recruitment regulations that ban the advertisements of selling visas and illicit trading in domestic workers.

Rather, the licensed agencies are allowed to promote their recruitment services of domestic worker, providing that the name of establishment, MLSD permit no. and contact information are published on ads.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Faleh, assistant deputy minister for inspection and development of work environment of the ministry, said that stipulations penalize those who mediate in recruitment and offer the services of household workers for individuals until they get licenses from MLSD.

Al-Faleh said that he ministry warned print media and websites to publish these ads that promote agencies or middlemen who are involved in recruiting home help workers without licenses.

According to the recruitment regulations, such practice is a violation of regulations that leads to deceiving citizens and exploiting their dire need to hire domestic workers, he added.

The assistant deputy minister for inspection and development of work environment urged citizens and residents who want to leverage the services of domestic workers to benefit from the Musaned portal at (

Through the e-portal, they can review a list of licensed recruitment offices and companies along with the nationalities of workers and jobs available to explore in addition to recruitment costs and the arrival of domestic workers, he added.

Customers can inquire or file a complaint regarding the domestic labor by contacting the MLSD’s customer service number (19911) or emailing via the ministry’s website (

Also, customers can report domestic workers who violate residence regulations by contacting the Ministry of Interior’s customer service number (989).