Complaints and Disputes


Official channels for receiving complaints:

2-      Call center no. (19911)

3-      Labor offices

To submit complaints:

1-      Fill out the required information (contract, national ID, contact no.).

2-      Verify the submitted information of the recruitment office.

3-      Visit the labor office within 72 hours.

To submit complaints against general service offices:

1-      Investigate the recruitment office that is delegated to recruit (by visa) and submit the complaint as per steps mentioned above.

2-      Lodge the complaint in court against the violated general service office.

Note that you can check the status of recruitment office that is delegated to recruit through Enjaz website ( ) .

Delay fine:

The fine is incurred by the recruitment office when the date stated in the contract is undue on the condition that the delay does not exceed a minimum of one month. It is entitled to breach of contract plus the recruitment office is incumbent to pay the fine.

(Fine amount= the number of delaying days * 100)